- Video Editorial by Gov. George Ariyoshi )

Following his October 15, 2012 opinion editorial in the Honolulu Advertiser (see:, Gov. George Ariyoshi voiced his support for rail in a video editorial for KGMB TV on October 31.  You can watch the video here: or here:

If you are unable to watch the video, following is a transcript of his video editorial:

As a person involved with so many political leaders, this election provides a difficult personal situation, having to take sides.  So my decision this election is not based on people, but rather, on the issue of rail. 

I think of the traffic situation 10 years ago, and how traffic has gotten so bad now.  Then considering what that traffic situation will be 10 years hence, I have come to the conclusion that we need rail. 

Rail will benefit the residents ofWest Oahu, and we need to help since this has become the dumping ground for our trash, sewer, and power. 

This is a matter of equity.  We were all together when we built Pali Highway, H-3 and the roads inEast Oahu.  I am therefore disturbed when people say “I won’t ride rail so why should I support it?” 

I am concerned about the alternative to rail.  It will take away use of freeway lanes that are now used by autos and add to the congestion and delay. 

To stop rail now will result in future additional costs to government, but also to the cost of operating vehicles stuck in traffic – in delays and additional gasoline costs. 

Let’s work together to ensure a better future, no matter where you live.