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MOVE OAHU FORWARD is a non-partisan coalition of Hawaii business and community leaders whose mission is to support initiatives that improve mobility and quality of life in ways that also strengthen the economy and manage future growth while protecting the island’s unique environment and way of life. We believe that Honolulu’s rail transit project accomplishes that.




Constance Lau

President & CEO

Hawaiian Electric Industries


Richard Dahl

President & CEO

James Campbell Company


Chuck Sted

Steve Colón
President – Hawaii Division
Hunt Development Group

Bert Kobayashi
Founder & Senior Advisor
Kobayashi Group

Randall Urasaki
Area Manager
Parsons Brinckerhoff

Matt Cox
President & CEO

Stanley Kuriyama
President & CEO
Alexander & Baldwin, Inc.

Art Ushijima
President & CEO
The Queen’s Health System

Eddie Flores
President & Chairman
L&L Drive-Inn

Duncan MacNaughton
The MacNaughton Group

Allen Uyeda
President & CEO
First Insurance Company of Hawaii

Howard Garval
President & CEO
Child & Family Service

Colbert Matsumoto
Chairman & CEO
Island Insurance Company

Ray Vara
President & CEO
Hawaii Pacific Health

Michael Gold 
President & CEO

Sherry Menor-McNamara
COO & Senior Vice President
The Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii

Jeff Watanabe
Retired Partner
Watanabe Ing

Anthony R. Guerrero, Jr.
Oahu Transit Services


Outrigger Enterprises Group

Jeff Kissel

President & CEO
The Gas Company


Great opinion editorial by Ramil, Garval, Nakata and Jucutan! It not only addresses equity but looks at the future, my biggest concern! Rail is for the future! If not now, when? When we are all clogged up with cars, more riders who can’t get from point A to B? Our traffic problem is not going away, it will get worse. And, rail is not to replace the bus. It’s an integrated traffic solution, and the rail is part of it!
— Sabina, Grandmother in Honolulu
I’m back home for the summer after a year at school in Washington, D.C. and I really miss riding the Metro. Rail took me everywhere I needed to go… to my internship in the city, to do my shopping and to attend seminars. We need rail in Honolulu too.
— Kirsten, college student